How To Get Rid of Thigh Fat

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Thigh fat doesn’t necessarily pose any medical risks, and there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit too much. However, if you’re not happy with the size of your thighs and you’re looking to shed some fat, you have plenty of options. Some methods can be done right from your own home, like proper exercise […]

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Right For You?

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There are several factors that can affect your breast size, like your genetics, weight, workout routine, and more. While defined and voluptuous breasts are often desired, disproportionately large breasts can cause a lot of physical and mental distress for patients. A procedure known as breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, is a cosmetic plastic surgery that […]

Hip Dips: What Are They & How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen small, gentle curves below your hips and above your thighs? Those are called hip dips, and they’re just small indentations on the sides of your hips. There’s nothing medically abnormal about having hip dips, but they may have an impact on your self image and levels […]

Everything You Need To Know About Body Contouring

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Dieting and exercise can help you get closer to your perfect body, but sometimes you need a little extra boost. Body contouring includes surgical and non-surgical procedures to get you feeling, and looking, your very best. This is where body contouring can help dramatically improve your appearance, self-confidence, and overall outlook on life. Body contouring […]

Does Body Sculpting Actually Work?

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If you lose a significant amount of weight because of a surgery, diet changes, or post-pregnancy, some loose skin will probably stay behind. However, body sculpting procedures can help remove this skin and tailor your body into a preferred shape. Body sculpting, or body contouring, is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of skin […]

Buccal Fat Pad Removal: What It Is & Should You Do It?

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Think about some of the hottest celebrities and models in entertainment right now. What are some things that you notice about their appearance? Some of the first things you may notice is their facial features, maintained physique, maybe even their hair. But one thing that seems to stand out is their perfectly chiseled jawlines.  Having […]

How To Surgically Get Rid of Hip Fat

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If you look at any female celebrity, you probably notice that their hips are perfectly “hour-glassed,” making for a slim and pristine physique. Some people are just naturally born with this natural body composition, while others may have indentations around their hips that otherwise impede on this desirable look. These are called hip dips, and […]

J-Plasma Liposuction: Everything You Need To Know

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You’re probably familiar with liposuction because the hottest models and celebrities all over Hollywood have already undergone this minimally invasive technique for reducing stubborn fat deposits. However, one of the downsides that some people experience after liposuction, especially after drastic weight loss, is that the skin in those areas sags and loses elasticity. This is […]

The Different Approaches to Fat Removal

Have you been working hard to lose weight, but there are still some stubborn fat deposits that won’t go away? Do you need just a little bit of help to reach your goal of achieving a perfect body? Plastic surgery has opened the door for allowing people to finally look how they desire, and fat […]

What Are The Benefits of a Breast Lift?

The size of your breasts is not something that you can have much control over. While diet and exercise can somewhat change their shape, you may need a little bit of assistance in order to get your breasts looking exactly how you desire. Breast lifts, or mastopexies, are common plastic surgery procedures that can do […]