Botox Lip Flip: Everything You Should Know

Botox Lip Flip: Everything You Should Know

Botox Lip Flip: Everything You Should Know banner

Do you want plump, voluptuous lips like all of Hollywood’s finest? Here’s a secret: most of them weren’t born with lips that big. Instead, they probably got a Botox lip flip.

Lip flips are fast, simple cosmetic procedures that use Botox injections to enhance the appearance of your lips, making them look more full and healthy. 

Thinking about trying to boost your lips without the need for fillers? A lip flip might be the perfect thing for you. Here’s everything you need to know.

How Do Lip Flips Work?

If you’ve watched a single episode of Real Housewives or read a single gossip magazine, chances are you know what Botox is. And while the tabloids give it a bad rap, Botox is a simple and effective way to achieve more defined characteristics in your face.

Botox is short for botulinum toxin, which is a specific type of bacteria that blocks certain nerve signals that make muscles contract. As a result, the muscles that are injected with Botox are relaxed for a temporary amount of time. When injected into fine lines on the face, the muscles that cause wrinkles stop contracting and reduce their appearance.

So how does this work to give you fuller lips? Essentially, the Botox is injected into the Cupid’s bow, or the middle part of your upper lip. This relaxes your lip muscles and causes the part of your lip that’s inside the mouth to “flip” upward.

The end result makes it seem like your lips got bigger. However, the reality is that the part of your lip that is normally hidden inside your mouth is just on the outside, giving it the illusion that your lips got physically more plump.

Lip Flip vs. Lip Filler

Lip flips only appear to make the lips plumper, but lip fillers really do make the lips larger. During a lip filler, or dermal filler, procedure, the lips are injected with hyaluronic acid, which helps to give your skin structure and a more hydrated appearance. It’s a thick filler that physically makes your lips bigger.

Lip flips, again, don’t actually change the size of your lips, they just relax the muscle and make them appear larger.

Benefits of Lip Flips

Botox in general is often a sought after cosmetic procedure because it is minimally invasive, requiring nothing more than a few injections. With that in mind, lip flip procedures are quick and simple to conduct. In most cases, you’ll be out of the office in just under a half hour.

Lip flip procedures also have a very short recovery period. In fact, you can probably get back to your normal activities after just 24 hours. Swelling is usually minimal, and while the lips might feel strange initially, there is usually very little pain associated.

Additionally, lip flips can boost your confidence and self image by finally allowing you to achieve plump and juicy lips like you’ve always wanted.

Drawbacks of Lip Flips

One of the main drawbacks of lip flips is that they only last around three to four months. This is because the Botox injections are only temporary, so after some time, your lips will return to their normal shape and appearance. With that said, you can always go back and get another injection.

Additionally, the results are not immediately visible following the procedure. It can take up to a week for the botulinum toxin to fully activate in your muscles. Lip fillers, by contrast, are immediately noticeable.

Finally, they do not actually enhance the volume of your lips. If you want to physically enhance the size of your lips, then lip fillers or lip implants might be the better option for you.

What to Expect from a Lip Flip Procedure

Ready to finally turn that frown upside down (and that lip inside out)? The lip flip procedure is minimally invasive and comes with a short recovery period.


First things first, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine if you’re the right fit for this procedure. A consultation is meant to ease your worries and determine if the procedure can run smoothly based on your medical history and preferences.

Once it’s deemed that you’re good to go, your plastic surgeon will advise you to avoid alcohol and blood thinners at least three days before you get the injections, as these can make swelling worse and affect your final results.


The procedure itself only takes around 10 minutes to complete. It doesn’t require you to be numbed beforehand, and you don’t need to undergo anesthesia.

The plastic surgeon will make injections in the center and corners of your upper lip. Some people have compared the sensation of the injections themselves to having pimples on your lip.


Though your upper lip may feel slightly numb and swollen, you can resume most daily activities following the procedure. However, you may be instructed to avoid intense exercise or avoid touching your lips, as this can cause the Botox to spread to other areas of your face.

You’ll also want to try sleeping on your back to avoid pressing your lips against the pillow at night.

There are some potential side effects of lip flip procedures that are important to know ahead of time. If your doctor happens to inject too large of a dose of Botox, it might cause:

  • Drooling

  • Difficulty saying certain words

  • Inability to spit or whistle

  • Drooping on one side of the mouth

This emphasizes the importance of choosing a trusted plastic surgeon who has experience and credentials for completing this type of procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for Lip Flips?

Lip flips are minimally invasive procedures that can allow people to achieve fuller looking lips without the need for implants or fillers. With that said, an ideal candidate for lip flips is someone who:

  • Is looking to achieve fuller lips without a filler.

  • Is uncomfortable or unhappy with the appearance of their upper lip.

  • Wants their smile to appear less “gummy”.

  • Nonsmoker.

  • Has no underlying health conditions that may affect the outcome of the procedure.

  • Has positive and realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure.

If you match any or all of these criteria, we’d love to see you in our sunny office at PH-1 Miami! Fill out our inquiry form here to see how we can help you get the lips of your dreams.

Natural Ways to Plump Up Your Lips

While cosmetic surgeries will be able to give you the most prominent and quick results possible, there are some ways you may be able to enhance your lip volume without requiring a procedure. Additionally, these tips and tricks might be able to make your lip flip last a little bit longer.

Exfoliate and Hydrate

Dry, cracked lips are naturally going to look smaller because they reflect less light than moisturized, healthy ones. To get rid of flakes, you can gently brush your lips with a toothbrush. This boosts circulation and can shed some dead skin.

Not to mention, always keep some lip balm on hand for when you start to feel your lips getting a little dry. If you don’t have any on hand, aloe vera and coconut oil can naturally hydrate your lips and make them look much healthier.

Over-line Your Lips

You can give the illusion or juicier lips by just using a simple make-up hack. Take your favorite concealer and trace slightly outside the natural lip line. From there, just fill in your lips with matching lipstick. It makes it look like your lips are much bigger without actually changing their size or dimensions.

In Conclusion

Lip flips are a great way to achieve fuller looking lips without the need for implants. This procedure involves Botox injections in the upper lip to relax the muscle and “flip” the part of the lip on the inside of the mouth to the outside. The end result is lips that are more plump in appearance.

Lip flips only take about 10 minutes to complete and have a very minimal recovery time. While it might take about a week for the final results to be noticeable, they last for up to four months with a single application.

Looking for luscious lips? PH-1 Miami can help you get there. Click here to browse our long list of services and fill out an inquiry form to get started today. We’ll help you achieve your best body in no time at all.


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