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At PH-1, our ultimate goal is to help our patients

At PH-1, our ultimate goal is to help our patients become their best selves. To do this, we’ve created a holistic practice that combines the most advanced body contouring techniques with proper nutrition and fitness. Because looking your best and feeling your best is a lifetime effort.

We embrace every potential patient with the highest level of care, honesty, respect, and transparency. Our mission is to make you feel comfortable and confident in your cosmetic surgery.


popular Services

We offer a variety of different services and specialize in body contouring, which will help sculpt your body and get it closer to whatever you desire. Some of the surgical procedures that we offer include:


(breast lift)


(Brazilian butt lift)

Athletic gluteoplasty

(athletic BBL)


(tummy tuck)

J-Plasma liposuction


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  • Do I have positive motivations for wanting to improve my body?
  • Am I committed to a healthy lifestyle to maintain the effectiveness of my procedure?
  • Do I have realistic expectations for my procedure?
  • Am I generally healthy?
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Our Patients

We’re happy to help every potential client make some moves towards a more positive lifestyle, and we hope that you’re a good fit! 

Our Surgeon

As important as it is to pick the right procedure, it’s just as important to get it done by a surgeon you can trust. In addition to completing his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical residency at Brown University, Dr. Zachary Iyore Okhah graduated from Princeton University. 

He had the opportunity to spend six months working with Dr. Mendieta, who is a renowned plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring. From that, Dr. Zach has perfected his approach to the athletic BBL, which he is proud to perform in his all-new practice at PH-1 Miami.

The best thing about Dr. Zach’s job is seeing his patients gain a newfound love for their bodies following their surgeries. Hope to see you soon at our home base here in sunny Miami, Florida!

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Dr Zach BBL Specialist
What Can Plastic Surgery Do For You?

What We Do For You?

Cosmetic surgery is a safe and effective way to improve your appearance and give yourself a newer, more positive perspective. Here are just a few of the things that plastic surgery can do for you:

Balanced mood

More confidence

Positive outlook

Desired appearance

Sleeker and more contoured features

Relief from physical ailments
(back pain, chafing)

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