Pictures do tell a story! And the photos you take and submit for your surgical evaluation are a critical step along your beauty roadmap to the curves you deserve.  While the surgical results show on the outside, your consult and surgical plan rely on the unique structural elements of your human body. Your skeleton and muscle set the stage for the possibilities and limitations of body sculpting procedures. At PH-1 Miami you are in excellent hands so let’s get started with some great photos that will serve as the basis for your evaluation, surgical plan, and quote.

Here’s how:

3 photos are required –   full front  –  full back  –  side/profile

  •    portrait, not landscape please

Take your photos in front of a plain background like a plain-colored wall and stand about 2 feet away from the wall.

  •    busy colors, patterns, mirrors, windows, etc. can make it difficult to see the details needed for an expert evaluation

Photos need to show the entire torso so frame the photo to include just below the chin to just above the knees

  •    too close or too far away, details can get lost – framing the photo gives important context

Take the photos straight-on or perpendicular to the torso providing Dr. Zach the best possible angle for a proper evaluation 

  •    use the photo timer function and set your phone on a flat, level surface
  •    taking selfies requires extending your arm and that can cast shadows, twist your torso, distorting the natural body shape that is essential     for proper evaluation

Be sure your arms are neutral and slightly away from the body and not covering your torso or behind in any of the poses

You may be naked, partially naked, in a bikini, or wearing underwear. In this case, less is more!

  •    the key is to show your torso, backside, hips without anything – arms, hands, clothing – blocking the view or creating a shadow


Once you find the right set-up for your camera and where you’re going to stand, mark those spots so you can easily reset and get great, consistent photos each time.





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