Dr Zach BBL Specialist

Is Dr Zach board certified?

In keeping with the established policies of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Dr Zach is board eligible and is preparing for board certification exams offered on a set schedule in 2024. To date Dr Zach has operated on more than 2000 patients which amounts to more than 6000 hours in surgery. He is a licensed practitioner in the State of Florida with an active and unrestricted medical license.

Upon successful completion of his specialty medical training at Brown University under eminent plastic surgeons Drs Richard Zienowicz and Patrick Sullivan,  Dr Zach embarked on his multi-year plan to establish himself in the greater Miami aesthetic community which included joining renowned surgeon Dr Mendieta at his practice and working under Dr Mendieta’s mentorship, establish a private practice of his own, and achieve board certification within the prescribed board eligible period.

American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) eligibility requirements:

A candidate’s eligibility for board certification (board eligible period) expires on a date determined by the ABMS Member Board. For initial certification in a specialty, that date must be no fewer than 3 years and no more than 7 years following the successful completion of accredited training.

Training required prior to initial board certification in plastic surgery: 6 to 8 years



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