Flip on any reality television show and you’ll probably hear someone talking about liposuction. That’s because it’s one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures for the Hollywood elite, as well as the general population.

Fat is a tricky thing to deal with because you never really know where it’s going to form. Some people might have more fat in their thighs or abdomen. Other people might see more fat

What is Outer Thigh Fat? Having a perfect hourglass figure is something that most women aspire to achieve. But extra outer thigh fat can give you more of an undesirable pear shape. This is often

If you’ve ever taken a walk through Beverly Hills or watched a few episodes of Real Housewives, you’ve probably heard someone having a conversation about how happy they are with their recent “boob job.” No,

What is Breast Implant Illness? Having plump, contoured breasts is desirable for pretty much every woman on earth. And getting breast implants is a safe and effective way to finally achieve your highest levels of

How to Look Like a Model Looks don’t matter, and you should be confident in your own skin no matter what. But when you look at the top models and celebrities in Hollywood, it’s hard

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