Frequently Asked Questions


The PH-1 Process is a highly tailored cosmetic process that ensures patients are thrilled with their results. Our process has been crafted by Dr. Zachary Okhah to maximize natural aesthetic outcomes in the category of body contouring. In order to make the patient feel the most comfortable, we emphasize complete transparency and encourage education of the surgical process. The goal of education is to help prospective patients make informed decisions about their bodies.
An Athletic BBL emphasizes a slight filling of the hip dips to increase curves while maintaining a slender appearance. The procedure involves judicious fat placement to buttocks for increased fullness, resulting in a natural outcome. The outcome is easier to maintain post-operatively with fewer consequences with subsequent weight gain. The ideal Athletic BBL is a natural outcome with fuller hips and perkier buttocks.

We do not recommend awake BBLs given the length of the procedure. However, we do recommend awake liposuction for isolated areas of the body such as arms, back, inner thighs, and outer thighs.

Awake liposuction is typically preferred by patients because of the quick recovery times (3-5 days) and lack of groggy-ness post-anesthesia.

Saddlebags are fat deposits located on the outer thigh below the hip. They cause a second bump below what should be the maximum of the buttock and create a flat, downward-angled crease below the buttock. Saddlebags are often hereditary. They can also be caused by increased estrogen production, especially during pregnancy.

At PH-1, we replace saddlebags with a smooth, natural aesthetic line using liposuction. This procedure is very short with immediate results and a short (1-2 day) recovery period.

Over time or after weight loss, skin loses elasticity and displays visible signs of sagging. J-Plasma is a tool that we pair with liposuction to immediately tighten the skin during surgery.

J-Plasma uses helium gas and radio frequency energy to create helium plasma. The helium plasma is injected into the underside of the skin (typically post liposuction) to immediately tighten the skin through heat and collagen production. Since helium is a cold gas, it simultaneously cools the treatment area, reducing thermal damage to surrounding tissues.

Patients should wait six months after pregnancy before having surgery. This period of time will allow the body to heal and will maximize results of the procedure.
We recommend patients stay in Miami for at least a week after surgery for adequate recovery.
Yes! We recommend our patients get lymphatic drainage massages, which expedites recovery, lowers risk of fibrosis, reduces post-surgical swelling, and overall increases the surgical outcome. We recommend 10-15 lymphatic drainage massages after a BBL.
Aveli is the first and only cellulite procedure that identifies and releases the septa that cause cellulite dimples on the buttocks and thighs, with a real-time confirmation of release, all in a single office visit. Aveli is a minimally invasive procedure performed by a trained provider using local anesthesia and delivers meaningful long-term results. Aveli-FAQs