Brazilian Butt Lift


Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a fat transfer procedure that augments and reshapes the buttocks to enhance the patient’s existing shape. This procedure is paired with liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, and back to slim the waist and redistribute the fat to the buttocks.

At PH-1 Miami, we specialize in natural Brazilian Butt Lifts that leverage one’s existing skeletal structure and body type to give them a bespoke buttock to match. We do not offer the exaggerated and extended buttocks that clearly look fake. These procedures can have higher rates of medical complication and jeopardize safety because they require too much fat and must re-inject too much fat.

The Athletic Brazilian Butt Lift

PH-1 Miami pioneered the Athletic Brazilian Butt Lift, which is a unique approach to the traditional Brazilian Butt Lift. The Athletic Brazilian Butt Lift emphasizes an athletic, toned, and fit buttock. This is the perfect procedure for patients with a smaller frame and more muscular bodies.

In order to accomplish this outcome, we pair liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, and back with careful placement of fat to make the buttock perkier and rounder – not necessarily bigger. The emphasis of the procedure is on the patient’s silhouette and ultimate shape of the buttocks as opposed to the size of the buttocks. Although each patient is unique, typically fat is removed from the waist and used to fill in hip dips and make the buttocks more round.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

What is the BBL recovery time?

The majority of BBL recovery happens in the first four weeks, but the results continue to flourish up to the six month mark. We recommend patients avoid sitting for four weeks. Weight cannot be placed on the buttocks otherwise the outcome will be jeopardized. Patients are typically walking and showering the following day. Bruising and swelling typically only last for a few weeks, but may last a couple months for certain patients.

Can a BBL be done awake (local anesthesia vs. general anesthesia)?

We do not recommend awake BBLs given the length of the procedure. However, we do recommend awake liposuction for isolated areas of the body such as arms, back, inner thighs, and outer thighs. Awake liposuction is typically preferred by patients because of the quick recovery times (3-5 days) and lack of groggy-ness post-anesthesia.

If I am traveling to Miami for surgery, how long do I need to stay in Miami for recovery?

We recommend patients stay in Miami for at least a week after surgery for adequate recovery.

Does liposuction require draining?

Yes! We recommend our patients get lymphatic drainage massages, which expedites recovery, lowers risk of fibrosis, reduces post-surgical swelling, and overall increases the surgical outcome. We recommend 10-15 lymphatic drainage massages after a BBL.

Is the BBL safe?

Yes! Unsafe BBLs are the result of too much fat being injected, too deep into the muscle. At PH-1, we specialize on natural aesthetics, which means we only inject limited amounts of fat into the buttocks. The fat is injected above the muscle.

How Does BBL Work?

It’s normal to be nervous on the day of your plastic surgery procedure. Let’s walk through how the BBL procedure works so you can have some idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that everyone’s different, so it might not work in exactly this same way.


In order for you to feel as comfortable as possible during your procedure, we’ll administer anesthetics to help keep the experience painless. We’ll either give you intravenous sedation, or an IV, which will just make you feel numb and sleepy. Or, we’ll administer general anesthesia, which is a controlled loss of consciousness.
We’ll work together to figure out which option will be best for you. But after that, it’s time to get started!


You’ve probably heard of celebrities or models getting liposuction, and we’ll use it during a BBL to transfer fat to your buttocks. Liposuction requires a super small incision. Then, we use a small thin tube called a cannula to loosen excess fat. The dislodged fat is then suctioned out of the body with a surgical vacuum or syringe. We might take more fat than we think is necessary, just make sure we have enough to shape your buttocks how we please. During your consultation we can discuss which area of the body you want us to take the fat from, but most people go with their stomach/ abdomen.

Fat Grafting

This is where we actually start shaping that booty! The fat and tissue that was removed during liposuction will be cleaned and processed with a special machine. When it’s all good to go, we use the cannula to transfer the fat into your buttocks through small injections. It’s as simple as that!

Additional Information

When Will I See Results of a BBL?

The results of a BBL are immediately visible. From the second the surgery is over, you’ll be able to see a more plump and firm butt than you have ever had before.

However, you won’t see your final results for a few months. There are two reasons for this. One is that there may be some initial swelling that needs to subside. The other is that it can take some time for the fat to “take” or absorb into your body.

Some of the initial volume you’ll see after fat grafting will fade as the body takes it up. You’ll retain around 60-80% of the transferred fat, but its size may dwindle over a few months. This is entirely normal, and we take this absorption into account during the fat transfer.

Over time, you’ll become even more satisfied with your results, and after around the six month mark you can expect the results to be permanent as long as you lead a healthy lifestyle and follow the instructions set out by Dr. Zach. Of course, you can expect some loss in firmness as you age naturally.

As far as scarring, it may take a year or two for your scars to fade into a mature level. But the scars can easily be covered with most swimsuits and shorts regardless.

Benefits of a BBL

Brazilian butt lifts are touted above other types of buttock enhancements, such as silicone implants, as they provide a more natural-looking result while creating more plumpness in your rear. This can help to reduce sagginess or shapelessness in the buttock region that otherwise occurs with age.

Additionally, certain figure imbalances can make clothing feel uncomfortable or ill-fitting. Addressing inconsistencies in your figure can also help to make your wardrobe even more useful.

On top of that, BBLs have a lower risk of infection compared to silicone implants and it has a better safety profile than some other types of plastic surgeries, mostly because it requires very small incisions.

Having the perfect butt can increase your self-image, improve your self-confidence, and boost your positive outlook overall. It can give you a brand new lease on life!

Potential Risks of a BBL

Dr. Zach is a renowned plastic surgeon with years of clinical plastic surgery experience. You’re in good hands at PH-1, but as with any surgical procedure, there are some risks that you should know before moving forward.

The biggest risk of a BBL is that the fat does not hold in your butt in the ways that you were expecting. It’s important to remember that this fat works like all other types in your body, so fluctuations in weight or changes in age can affect its appearance.

Additionally, if your body fails to take up the grafted fat, it may require an additional one or two procedures to get things looking exactly how you wish.

However, the procedure does also pose the risk of anesthesia related illnesses or post-op infection. Not to mention, there might be some permanent scarring and you may feel uncomfortable for a few weeks following the surgery.

In extremely rare circumstances, a BBL can lead to a fat embolism in the heart or lungs if the injected fat enters the large veins in the buttock region. Again, this is extremely rare, but we value transparency and want you to know everything involved.

Recovery from a BBL

The entire procedure from start to finish shouldn’t take more than three or four hours, and you’ll probably be able to go home the same day. Dressings and bandages will be applied to your wounds, and we might put some temporary small tubes under your skin to drain any excess blood or fluid.

You’ll be instructed to wear a BBL support garment in order to help you recover faster while giving you necessary support. These are garments that work to lift your buttocks and hold them in a desired place to give your body the support it needs.

Additionally, you’re going to need to limit your activity for a little while after getting this procedure done. This includes limiting the amount of time that you’re sitting for prolonged periods. Sitting for too long can damage the fat and skew your results.

You’re also going to have to try to sleep on your side or stomach for a few weeks, and if you have to sit, place a cushion behind your hamstrings to raise the buttocks and avoid putting pressure on the grafts.

But don’t worry, you’ll only need to do these things for a few short weeks. It’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of your best body.

What to Expect at a BBL Consultation

We like to have fun here at PH-1, so our goal is to make your consultation as comfortable as it is informative. When you come into the office, we’re going to ask you a couple of questions just to make sure we can give you the safest and most effective surgery possible.

Be prepared to discuss things like: 

Your medical history, including past plastic surgery procedures.
Your goals for getting a BBL done.
Any current medications that you may be taking.
On top of that, we will examine your body and take some measurements. This might include making some marks on your rear and taking some pictures. We’ll also evaluate your general health status to make sure you are healthy enough for a procedure.

We’ll also discuss courses of treatment. Brazilian butt lifts aren’t the only type of buttock enhancement out there, so it might be possible that you’ll be better suited with something else.

Regardless, we want you to leave the consultation feeling much less nervous than when you walked in. If you have any questions, concerns, or hesitations, this is a great time to bring them up. We are here to help make this process as exciting as possible, and that starts with striking down your worries.

Contact Us to get started on an inquiry form today! We hope to see you soon.